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The second edition of the Difficult Message series, "The Clock Box", has arrived. The second volume includes a functioning clock-sculpture to stare back at your on your wall. The box contains four 7" records each with a track by Time Designers, Gretchen Gonzales, Wolf Eyes, Stare Case, and a full length cd from Time Designers entitled "The Design Demos." As with the first Difficult Messages box, it is hand painted / assembled by Young & Olson and limited to 50 numbered copies. Each set has a theme, this one being the admission, capture, and break from the 60hz time cycle.
User Reviews:
Anonymous User1- I find counting up comforting, but I find counting down
Anonymous User2- Building structures feels natural. What's wrong with you?
Anonymous User1-Although I feel like I could sleep this is keeping me awake. I've always been a night owl.
Anonymous User2- Dude, It's like a recipe that leaves you thinking. You should check out the end of track 18. I hear multiple beats.
Anonymous Designer1- Leaving it up to you.
Worldtrader517 - After receiving this I hung the clock up backwards facing my wall. Upon playing the singles, the compasses shifted axis inside the three mile radius of my home. After authorities found the source, I turned the clock to the correct facing and played the singles on the "correct speed." The cd appears to be playing inside out. Difficult second volume.
Nonsymetericalhuman- Gave this as birthday gift to my ten year old cousin, now she spends all her time in the garage "building something."
Anonymous User858 - Told the truth to my boss, now my coworkers can see the secret to my weight loss. "A Shadow Follows You."